If you could pick anywhere to go, where would it be? Mine would be Italy, and I hope to go next year. In this blog post, I will lay out what my 10 day vacation will look like.

Day 1:

Day one would obviously start off with a flight. I would choose to leave late at night into day one. The flight leaves from Minneapolis, MN and flies into Milan, Italy. It a little bit over a 13 hour flight. When I arrived in Milan, I would choose to have a relaxing rest of my day by shopping and going out out dinner.

Day 2:

Day two I would wake up early and watch the sunrise at Piazza del Duomo. After the sunrise I would tour the Milan Cathedral which is the main attraction of the Piazza del Duomo. The cathedral has a shopping mall right next to it so I would go shopping again. You can never do too much shopping in Milan, I mean it is known as being the fashion industry of the world. I would end my day with getting a night time city view from the Torre Branca.

Day 3:

Day three I would leave Milan early in the morning to get to Venice and would go by train. When I go to Venice, I would go straight to St. Mark’s Basilica. Then I would walk around St. Mark’s Square. To end the day I would tour Doges Palace, which overlooks the grand canal.

Day 4:

Day four I would make it very relaxing and go boating down Canale Grande. It has amazing views and you get to see Ponte di Rialto.

Day 5:

Day five I would travel again, but this time I would go from Venice to Florence. When I got to Florence I would visit the Boboli Gardens. Then to end the day I would go to Piazzale Michelangelo.

Day 6:

Day six I would have a relaxing day where I would just walk around, stop at local shops, and find stuff to do throughout the day. Whenever I go on vacation, I always have the best days when there isn’t anything planned.

Day 7:

Day seven I would attend a planned group tour. I would go on a cuisine private tour. In this tour you get to try different Italian cuisine, view different restaurants that show the Italian cultures, and when of age, participate in wine tasting. Plus, who doesn’t love pasta?

Day 8:

Day eight would be filled with driving. I would drive from Florence all the way to Roca Vecchia. This is over an eight hour drive so including stops, it would take up the whole day. Once I got to the small town, I would get dinner and head to bed.

Day 9:

Day nine I would go cliff jumping at Grotto della Poesia (Cave of Poetry). Cliff jumping is one of my favorite things to do and Grotto della Poesia is one of the best spots in the world to go. It’s definitely the best place I would have ever gone to, and the best place in Italy.

Day 10:

Day ten would start with packing and then driving to Brindisi. From here I would get on my flight back home. These flights are typically 22 hours and up, so my whole day would be taken up by my trip back home.

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  1. This trip looks really fun. Cliff jumping would be a a blast, I didn’t know that you could do that there.


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