Mississippi Trip

For this blog I will be writing about another trip that I have been on. When my parents told me we were going to Gulfport, Mississippi, I was not too excited because I thought there would be nothing to do. That ended up not being the case though and I ended up having a lot of fun.

Day One:

The first day of our trip consisted of flying, per the usual. We had a late morning flight, flew into New Orleans, and then my aunt and uncle met us at the airport to drive us to Gulfport. At this point it was night time on Thanksgiving day, so we ate Thanksgiving dinner and went to bed. This day was pretty boring, but at least there was a good meal at the end.

Day Two:

On day two we tried to keep it more relaxed because we were all tired from traveling. We went to the beach after eating breakfast. We spent most of the day here until I got stung by a jellyfish. After that we went back to the house until that evening. That evening we went to Gulfport Harbor Lights Winter Festival. Which is kind of like a Bentleyville, but a fair version.

Day Three:

For this day it was a little bit more on the go. We started out by going for a hike on Fontainbleau Nature Trail with the dogs. After this we went and got ready for the day. We went shopping and then went to Margaritaville in Biloxi for dinner and a mini concert that they had going on.

Day Four:

For our fourth day in Mississippi we drove to Alabama. We went to visit the USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park. Here my aunt and uncle got recognized for their accomplishments in the Navy. After this we went out for dinner and celebrated.

Day Five:

Day five consisted of us heading home. We drove back to New Orleans in the early afternoon and got back on our flight. We flew into MSP and then made our trip back to our house.

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