This trip was a very short trip. My basketball team and I decided to go and watch Girl’s State Basketball in Green Bay and went and stayed for two nights. It was still a lot of fun though!

Day One:

We left after school on Thursday and began our trip there. This was about a four hour drive not including stops, so it was a pretty long trip! By the time we got settled into our hotel we were all super tired. We ordered pizzas and then just hung out in our rooms for the night.

Day Two:

This day we obviously did a lot more. We started out by going to watch the division five girls games. We watched Randolph play Highland (Randolph won). Then we watched McDonell Catholic play Assumption (Assumption won). After this we went to the mall and shopped for a couple of hours. When we were done with that we went back to the hotel, got ready, and then headed to Texas Road House for dinner. My friends and I also did the chug a whole Sprite challenge, but that’s a really long story. After dinner we all settled in and went to bed.

Day Three:

This was our final day in Green Bay. We got to sleep in a little bit on this day. Once we were up and ready we headed back to the Resch Center to watch more basketball. This was Championship Saturday so we watched division four and division five. For division four we watched Mineral Point versus Laconia (Mineral Point won). We then watched the Randolph versus Assumption game (Randolph won). After this we loaded up into our vehicles and began the trip back home.

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