My Classes Favorite Vacations


My favorite vacation has to be when my family and I went to Texas. We got to do a lot of fun things, but my favorite part was definitely going to Six Flags. This was my favorite part mainly because I love amusement parks and roller coasters. The trip was overall great because of the variety of activities available.


Keira’s favorite place that she has gone to is Africa. She has gone there five times and she is going again this summer. Keira typically goes there for hunting, but she also goes to resorts when visiting. Her favorite part about Africa is watching the sunsets, but I think the fact that hippos would rub their backs against the bottom of their stilt tents is really cool.


Zoey’s favorite vacation that she has been on is between Florida Keys and her trip to San Diego & LA. Her trip to Florida Keys was her favorite relaxing vacation, but San Diego & LA was her favorite because she got to do a lot of activities. Her trip to Iceland might take the top this summer though.


Joe’s favorite trip has to be when he went on his Caribbean Cruise. He got to see four different locations including, Cozumel, Belize, Costa Maya, and Honduras. Joe claims he couldn’t even tell he was on a boat, but we all know that’s not true.


Brady’s favorite trip was when he went to Florida. He got to do many things like play tennis, gator watch, went on bike rides, and ate frogs. His favorite part, and I quote was, “gator watchin’.” He is hoping to have a great time in Montana this summer though.


Syver’s favorite vacation was to Puerto Vallarta in Mexico. His favorite part was seeing a whale swimming around their boat. It was a once in a lifetime kind of experience. Although, he just recently went on a vacation to Hawaii which we all thought would be his favorite.


  1. It’s nice to see such a variety to where people have gone and what they like. It shows that there are many things that can be done and seen while on a trip; alongside it being nice to see a variety of where people are going for the summer. I loved the read.


    1. wondragc3029 says:

      I really like how you included your classmates into this blog. Also you all have been to some really amazing places! If you had to pick between where your classmates trips, which would you choose?


      1. I would definitely pick to go to Africa, which was Keira’s trip. From the stories (or watching 8 hour long videos of the trip) it looks pretty amazing!


  2. lynnryan268 says:

    Annika, this is a great post! I think it’s interesting to see the trips of others in your class, and the things they liked about their trips. It’s fun to read about how everyone has been to such different places!


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