Class Trip to Texas

Recently, my class and I went on our senior class trip to Texas. While we were there we got to do and see many things in San Antonio and Corpus Christi. We left on the 13th of April and returned the 19th. It was a very fun trip!!

April 13

This was the day of travel. We attended school for less than half the day and then made our way to the cities. Once we got to Minneapolis we went to the Mall of America. Here we went shopping, got coffee, and ate. We were there for a couple of hours until we headed out for the airport. From there we flew from MSP to Chicago. Then we SPRINTED from our plane to get to our connecting flight to San Antonio. When we arrived in Texas it was late at night so we all got some snacks and headed to bed.

April 14

On our first official day in San Antonio we went shopping, visited the Alamo, and attended a movie about the Alamo in the IMAX movie theater. This day had a lot of on our own time to just shop and eat. Later when we got back to the hotel everybody went swimming at the pool, and then we just hung out for the night.

April 15

This day we drove from San Antonio to Corpus Christi. On the way we tried Whataburger, I thought it was gross! When we got to Corpus Christi we went on a dolphin watch/shrimp trawl. After, we went to the beach and played spike ball. For the night we went to the hotel, swam, and ate pizza.

April 16

On the 16th we went to the Texas State Aquarium. After this we went out to eat at Pier 99. This was seafood restaurant with live music! When we were done eating we went on the beach. We played spikeball, went swimming, got stung by some jellyfish, and went shopping. Once we were done with the beach we went to the hotel, got ready, and then went to dinner. At dinner we saw a beautiful sunset, got ice cream, and then ended up singing karaoke for the rest of the night. This was my favorite day of the trip.

April 17

This was our final day in Corpus Christi. To start the day a small group of us went to church! From there we went to the USS Lexington. This was super cool and there were tons of activities/sites to see. After this we went to the beach. Our bus driver bought us a volleyball/badminton net so we played both of those, swam, played spikeball, played softball, and went on boogie boards. Everybody got super burnt this day, so it was good that this was basically our final day.

April 18

On the 18th we got to sleep in a little bit, which was nice! From there we boarded the bus and were on our way to San Antonio. We stopped in San Antonio for lunch. I ended up getting Cici’s Pizza, but others went to McDonalds. After this we went to the airport. From there we flew to Chicago, and then had a layover. Once we were done we got on the plane to head to MSP.

April 19

By the time we got to Minneapolis it was already the morning of the 19th (very early morning). So, we landed and got on the bus. We drove back to the school and then parted our ways to go home. We all slept, and then didn’t go to school until the second half of the day. Then, it was back to reality…and school 😦

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