While I love my week long vacations, taking that much time away from school isn’t always feasible. This is why weekend getaways are so important. Last month I took a weekend and went to Duluth!

I left friday after school and then stayed in Duluth until sunday afternoon. So, it was a very quick but great three day break.

Day One:

On Friday I started out by going to school. After basketball practice my brothers fiance and I left for Duluth, which is only an hour and a half away. Once we got there we went out to eat at the 310. After that we were super tired and went to stay with a friend, Kalie. At Kalie’s house we watched movies and then went to bed.

Day Two:

On Saturday we got up in the morning and went to breakfast at Amazing Grace Bakery And Cafe. They had the best coffee and scones, which is what I got. After this we went and got manicures and pedicures. From there we went shopping at the mall. On a last minute whim we went and got facials at Twin Ports Dermatology. That was probably my favorite part of the weekend! We then got a bite to eat at Vitta Pizza before heading to the UMD hockey game. After the game we went to the 310 again and hung out there until we went back to Kalie’s to sleep.

Day Three:

On the final day we didn’t wake up until around 9. We got ready and headed to brunch at Bridgeman’s (best milkshakes, hands down.) Then it was time to head back home. Maddie and I started our drive back, stopped at Caribou in Superior for coffee, and then went back home. When we got back home we went to a coffee shop to complete all of our homework, and that was the end of our weekend getaway.

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