This blog post is going to be about another vacation that I have not gone on, but that I plan out. I have already been to Hawaii, but that was when I was really young. This time around I would plan a whole different trip. If I were to go again, I would go to Oahu for seven days.

Day One:

Day one would start off with a flight. I would leave in the morning from MSP and then fly to Honolulu, Hawaii. This would take up my whole first day of vacation and this would also take up my whole last day, leaving me with five actual days of vacation.

Day Two:

Seeing that I would probably be pretty tired from traveling I would have a relaxing first day in Hawaii. I would go exploring (try to be active or go on a hike) and spend time on the beach. For my activity I would hike Manoa Falls Trail. This is a two mile hike that leads to a beautiful waterfall. After this I would probably spend some time on the beach and then go to Ho’omaluhia Botanical Garden. The rest of the day I would just chill out and then go to bed.

Day Three:

For day three I would try to have an adventurous day. I would start out by watching the sunrise, and then would proceed to go scuba diving. After scuba diving I would go parasailing. I would then just chill out at the beach again.

Day Four:

This day I would have a spa day. I would get my nails and toes done to start. Then I would get a facial and a massage. After this I would go on the beach for a little bit. To end the day I would go on a sunset cruise.

Day Five:

Day five would start with me going snorkeling with sea turtles. Then I would spend the rest of the day attending the Polynesian Cultural Center. I would get to watch cultural performances, visit different historical villages, and get to learn about Hawaiian culture.

Day Six:

I would start of my day by going to Kuhio Beach Park. They have a little bit of everything here including historical features, clear waters, and hula shows. For the middle of my day I would go to Kaka’ako. This is where main shops, dining, and street art is. This would take up a lot of my last day. To end the day I would do my favorite thing, chill out on the beach.

Day Seven:

As stated earlier, my final day of “vacation” would be taken up by my flight back home. I would fly back to MSP and then go to bed!


  1. Hey Annika! This sounds like a very great and exciting trip. I will actually be going to Hawaii for spring break so maybe I could try to get a few of these adventures set up. I think the day by day format of your blog has a very nice look to it and is easy to navigate for readers.


  2. bittorfs22 says:

    I didn’t think my desire to go to Hawaii could be any larger, but especially now with the recent snowstorm, it is.


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