Day One:

Our vacation got off to a little bit of a rocky start. My dad was flying back from Arizona on monday and his flight was supposed to come in at 12 in the afternoon and our flight was supposed to leave for Vegas at 2. His flight ended up not landing until 4, so they switched our trip to leaving the next day. So I got in my car and drove from the cities back home for softball practice. Then the next morning I drove and met my parents in the cities and our actual day one began. Our flight didn’t leave until 7 so we didn’t have much time to do anything on the first day. When we arrived we got food and went to bed.

Day Two:

Day two was a lot more exciting than day one. We started it out by walking the main strip. We stopped by a lot of shops, went to the botanical gardens, and went on the famous roller coaster. After that we went back to the hotel, got ready, and then went to a Katy Perry concert.

Day Three:

Day three was very laid back. We had a day by the pool. That night we went out to eat and then we ended that day going on the ferris wheel.

Day Four:

Day four we walked the main road again and went to more stores. After that we went on the roller coaster. To end the day we went to The Beatles Love Cirque du Soleil, which was super cool!

Day Five:

This day was the day we were flying out. We slept in a little bit, hung out by the pool, did some last minute shopping, and then went to the airport. We flew in and then made our drive back home.


  1. Emmalee Golembiewski says:

    Hi Annika! Wow this looks like a fun trip with lots of color! The Katy Perry concert sounds amazing! Great blog post! What was your favorite meal you had on the trip?


    1. joeryder594 says:

      This trip looks like it was a lot of fun! I always thought of Vegas as a place for only adults but now I want to go after seeing this post. The Katy Perry concert seems like it was a blast. Look forward to your future blogs.


    2. Hey Emme, my favorite meal was definitely pizza from a place called Flour & Barley. Although, the food at a place called Rock’s was good as well. That might have just been the ripped shirtless guys serving it though haha!


  2. vaarazo says:

    Nice post Annika, this seems like a very fun trip! The Katy Perry concert looks like a lot of fun. What was your favorite song that was sung at the concert?


    1. Hey Zo, thanks! My favorite song was probably Roar, mainly because of how they decorated the stage and all of the dancing!


  3. Morgan says:

    Hey, Annika! I liked this post a lot. I love how you included photos of your trip. That Katy Perry concert sounds actually awesome! If you could go back to Vegas, would you?


    1. Hi Morgan, I definitely would go back to Vegas. A guy asked me when I was there if I had been to Vegas before. When I told him no, he said it won’t be my first time until I go back once I’m 21!


  4. youngbauern says:

    Hello Annika. Although it sounds like your trip had a little bit of a rough start, it sounds like you made the best of it. I love the pictures you include on all of your trips. Out of the trips you have written about in your blog, which was your favorite?


    1. Hey! All of my trips have had something that has been my favorite, but I would have to pick South Dakota.


  5. Hi Annika, sounds like it was a fun trip! The botanical gardens would be so beautiful to see!


  6. bittorfs22 says:

    A Katy Perry concert in Vegas sounds like a lot of fun. You so many awesome experiences in such a short amount of time.


  7. Awesome post Annika, last time I went out to Las Vegas we only stayed in the city for like one day. Probably due to the fact we were pulling a 5th wheel camper behind our truck. But I don’t remember much besides all the casinos. Interesting trip!


  8. lynnryan268 says:

    Hey Annika, this trip looks like a lot of fun! The Beatles concert sounds really fun! How was the heat? I have heard from some people that they liked it, and others hated it!


    1. Hi Lynn, the weather was nice the whole time we were out there. I love warm weather, and the heat wasn’t unbearable. Although I did get really burnt when we were there!


  9. QV 2019 says:

    Hi Annika,

    This is a very detailed account of your trip. What was your favorite part? What would you recommend for the rest of us? I like your use of both text and images to make your blog multi-modal.


    1. Thank you! My favorite part of the Vegas Trip was definitely the Katy Perry concert. I would recommend taking at least one day out of your trip to spend just walking the main stretch. There is so much to do that you could spend the whole trip doing that, but one day was over 10 miles of walking!


  10. brady54 says:

    Hi Annika, It sounds like you had a really fun trip! I like how you included pictures, it’s almost like we can go with you.


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