Florida Trips

Almost every year I go to Florida for vacation. I typically go with my family, but sometimes I go by myself. When we go to Florida we stay in Fort Myers, mainly because my aunt and uncle have a winter house there. For this blog, I’m going to list five of my favorite things that I have done in Florida and give some recommendations.

1: Just go to the beach

While there are many attractions in Florida, one of the best things to do on vacation is to relax on the beach. I hate when I go on vacation and have no downtime to just chill out, which is why going to the beach is ranked number one. If you are staying at Fort Myers, I would not go to Fort Myers beach. Although it’s a nice beach, it is always packed to the max (all of the tourists go there). Instead, I would make the drive to Cape Coral, and go to the beaches there. The beaches in Cape Coral are just as nice, but far less crowded!

2: Deep Sea Fishing

One of my favorite things to actually do in Florida is to go deep sea fishing. This is such a cool experience, although it can be a little bit spendy. My uncle is actually a guide, so we go everytime we’re there for free. One of the coolest things to do is to catch a fish, bring it to the market, and then they prepare it for you to eat that night. Do not do this if you get sea sick easily though, because you typically aren’t in a massive boat!

3: Disney World

If you are in Florida it is basically a need to go to Disney World at least once. My family and I went for two weeks when I was younger, and I would never want to do that again. Although it is fun, it is a nonstop on the go kind of thing. I would say even going there for two to three days is plenty. If we go there now, we typically just go for a day and then stay somewhere else. Definitely go and experience it once though!

4: Shopping

I absolutely love shopping, and you can do tons while in Florida. Depending on where you are staying you can find some really good deals! In Fort Myers they have a mall specifically dedicated to outlet stores. You get brand name items for half price or less most of the time. There are also always vendors on the main stretch, and you can get tons of unique items that you typically wouldn’t see. When in Florida I always dedicate at least one day to shopping.

5: Walk Around

Although this isn’t a guided thing to do, it is an important and fun thing. This should be a day out of your vacation, AT LEAST. This gives you time to stop anywhere you want to, eat wherever, and just explore. This way you also get to experience things you normally wouldn’t be able to do!

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